Creating an email account

This guide will help you to create your email accounts associated with your domain name.

1. Log in to your client area by going to this link:

2. When you are logged in to your account, click on the "Services" link to view all your active services.

3. Click on the service/package you would like to create an email account for.

4. You can either click on the "Email Accounts" link under "Quick Shortcuts" tab or quickly create an email account under the "Quick Create Email Account" tab.

5. Simply enter the name of the account you wish to create and the password then click on "Create"

You can use webmail to access your email accounts by clicking on the "Login to Webmail" button.

You can setup your email account on an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail and even on your phone. See step-by-step email setup guides HERE


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