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 My Payment hasn't been allocated, what should I do?

Our Billing Department constantly checks deposits made into our bank account and allocates them immediately depending on the reference number. However, should you find your payment has not been...

 What is your cancellation period?

Our services require one (1) calendar month’s Cancellation Notice in writing. Please send any Cancellation Requests to sales@advertisingsolutions.co.za

 When is Payment Due?

Our services are billed in advance and payment is due by the 7th of each month.Our automated billing system will send out 3 x Late Payment Notifications, failure to pay will cause a suspension of...

 Why are you charging me extra for banking fees?

Please note that should you make a payment via the following methods:1. Cheque Deposit2. ATM Deposit3. Teller DepositYou will be charged an additional R40.00 (subject to current FNB Banking...